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The characteristics of Hokuriku sake come from the high quality ingredients used in its production. The Hokuriku sake brewing area, from Noto to Tonami, is characterized by a cold winter climate which helps to nurture the raw ingredients used in sake brewing. The area is home to the Gohyakumangoku variety of rice which is highly suitable for sake brewing. Additionally, the water source comes from the sacred Hakusan mountain range. Hakusan is one of three famous mountains in Japan. This area is also home to Noto Toji, one of the four major Toji (master brewers). In addition to introducing some of Hokuriku’s leading sake breweries, this booklet also introduces traditional craftsmanship and art (local culture), including sake vessels that match the sake. We hope you enjoy the sake of Hokuriku as well as the craftsmanship and culture that support it.

  • マッチングレシピ
  • モデルコース
What is the "Dragon Route"?

The shape of the Noto Peninsula in the Chubu-Hokuriku region resembles the shape of a dragon's head. This reminds us of a dragon ascending, so we named the region's scenic area "Dragon Route". There are many dragon-related legends, festivals, and place names in the region.

Dragon Route Map

The charm of "Dragon Route”

The Dragon Route area is a concentration the natural and cultural beauty of Japan. It is blessed with many hot springs, a beautiful natural environment, historical culture and buildings, including those of Tokugawa Ieyasu, as well as legends and festivals. The area is filled with many sightseeing spots. We are also blessed with delicious food such as beef, fresh seafood, etc.
We hope that many people will come to this fascinating region of central Hokuriku, the"Dragon Route," and enjoy their trip to the fullest.